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After being diagnosed with MS, many of us hyper focus on goals surrounding our health and forget about goals surrounding our happiness. It’s important to prioritize self-care BUT adding goals outside our disease is vital for improving overall well-being and happiness.

When you connect your GOALS surrounding MS to a purpose or a “why” a few things happen:


1-You can hyper-focus and eliminate distractions that were not in line with what you wanted.

2-It becomes easier to understand and communicate what you need.

3-It becomes easier to prioritize where to spend your time and more importantly the little energy you have.

4-You can understand what is important in your life, and have more clarity.

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  • Write a goals down.

  • Does it make you come alive?

  • Does it add to your life?

  • Does it help the people you love?

  • WHY ?

Setting goals with multiple sclerosis

Draft your goals

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