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Five steps to

your purpose

Turning from goals surrounding your health to goals surrrounding your happiness.

(because seriously, we have MS and are always worrying about our health, but our goals have to make us happy too.) 

The Science

of setting goals with purpose

Achieving goals becomes easier when they’re meaningful and connected to a reason and purpose — your “why.”

When I was first diagnosed with MS. I dedicated myself to every "cure for symptoms" that people directed me to. It was awful and disheartening to work so hard and still struggle with pain, fatigue and not have the "cure" promised.

It took a while before I realized that I can’t always control how MS makes me feel, no matter how dedicated I am to my health. But I can control other goals. So I pivoted from goals surrounding my health- to goals surrounding my happiness and life purpose.


Find the WHY

behind goal setting


When you connect your goal to a “why” a few things happen:

1-You can hyper-focus and eliminate distractions that were not in line with what I wanted.

2-It becomes easier to understand and communicate what you need.

3-It becomes easier to prioritize where to spend your time and more importantly the little energy you have.

4-You can understand what is important in your life, and have more clarity.

The actions 

Forget SMART goals (all the specific, measurable time sensitive stuff just makes me feel like I failed because of my constantly changing health needs)




your goals

(Because drafts can always change and they just get better and better) 

Dump Reason Arrange Finalize Track



Start by making a brain dump. What do you want accomplish in life.  Tap into your intuition and let your "gut" lead you. 

Big or small, it shouldn’t matter. Don’t think about editing it or thinking you can’t do it. Just write. Clearly, openly and only for you to read. Do not EDIT


Look at each word and ask yourself "is this me?" 

If your why speaks to you. Keep it- If it doesn’t- cross it off the list.

Once you have your PURPOSE- look at the things you want to do today, this week, over a lifetime,



1-How important is this goal to me- put them in order from most to least.

2-Is the goal realistic to my life-

3-is there something I need to do as groundwork before starting this goal.

4-Does it allign with my life purpose


4- Finalize

What do you need to do daily, weekly and monthly to accomplish this goal.



Make a finish line- something to keep track of the progress you’re making .( I don’t like to put a “when to be done with” endnote, just because I never know how I’m feeling and if I miss the date, it just makes me feel bad about my life.



Now you’ve written them down, you have a direction and a purpose close to your life goals and values. You can step in the right direction.

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