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Four Steps to

your power

Harness the influence of a higher power.

Interestingly enough, not just any type of prayer works.

Research tells us that there are six different types of prayer.

That can be split into two different groups. One that affects us positively and another that affects us negatively.

The Science

Of praying to increase hope

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Obligation -This is praying becaus you feel required to

Confession involve the admission of negative behaviors, and a request for forgivness.

Supplication “taps requests for God’s intervention in specific life events for oneself or others”


Adoration are prayers focused on the worship of God, paying honor and worship, without any reference to circumstances, needs, or desires

Reception With prayers of reception, “one more passively awaits divine wisdom, understanding, or guidance”

Thanksgiving are expressions of gratitude towards God, made in reference to specific positive life experiences.



The actions

1-Find a comfortable place to speak to a higher power.

(Sometimes I kneel, sometimes I sit at the table, pen in hand ready to write the thoughts that come to mind, while other times I stand at the counter doing the dishes. You can speak to a higher power wherever you are.)

2-Think about what you want to say- do you want to ask a question, or just pour out your soul to a source that offers no judgement, only love.

3-Begin.your conversation with a higher power. Express gratitude, Ask for help, close your conversation.

4-Now, I take a deep breath. Close my eyes, and listen to where my mind wanders. Always my answer comes as a thought, more than a feeling. Let your mind carry you to your answer. If you don’t find it then, don’t be frustrated. That just means now isn’t the time. Keep it in your thoughts and journey and go about your day, week, month. Sometimes your answer won’t come in the way you expect, but it will come if you keep your question on your mind. The answers that do come. Write them down.

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