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Three Steps to

your perspective

Turning MS triggers into MS triumphs by anticipating them ahead of time.

The Science

of changing your perspective to planning for the worst

Let's talk about MS symptom triggers. We all have them and they usually come when we're already, tired, hot and stressed out.  Which makes our reactions to them, less than ideal.  (cue the uncontrollable tears I had when someone asked me to stand to teach--I know! It was lame in so many ways. )

Somewhere along our life journey, we were taught not to think about the worst. to only focus on the best. 

BUT Research tells us, when we create an action plan for obstacle before we reach them it reduces stress, and increases hope.


When people commit themselves to doing a certain thing in a specific situation, it reduces the stress in uncertain situations.   

We calls these plans, If-Then plans-

If this happens then I’ll do this.

So yes, we're thinking of the worst that could happen, BUT we're going a step further and creating a way out of the situation.



The actions

1-Write your common triggers. 

2-Write your common symptoms.

3-What is your plan if this happens?

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