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Four Steps to

your hope

Sharing your hope gives you more...

The Science

of sharing hope to increase hope

because of how our brains are wired, when we give hope to others, we derive pleasure that’s as strong as when we receive hope.

The actions

Hope only emerges with active participation- Focus on the people you love. Connect with them. Serve them. The most sustainable hope is the kind you can spread.


Self Mediation

Always start with knowing how much energy you can give



Then ask who you can reach out to today.

Remember- You know how much you can give, you know your limitations. You know your boundaries.


Who can I reach out to today- It might be the people who live with you who you see everyday. It might be someone outside your home. It could be a big event, or a small group.

Reaching out doesn’t have to go beyond your limitations. Or your energy levels.


Today I can connect with _________________________

Today I can share hope how_______________________


Reach Out

To someone you love-

@ send them a text

Mail a homemade post card

Leave a voicemail.



How has connecting improved my feelings?

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