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Sharing your multiple sclerosis story

Living with multiple sclerosis, you work so hard on strengthening yourself, it's easy to forget about other's who may need support you can provide.


Because of how our brains are wired, when we give hope to others, we derive pleasure that’s as strong as when we receive hope.


Hope only emerges with active participation- Focus on the people you love. Connect with them. Serve them. The most sustainable hope is the kind you can spread.

multiple sclerosis hope

To Do

Choose one or more.

  • Today I can connect with _____________________

  • Today I can share hope how__________________

  • Reach out to someone you love-

  • @ send them a text

  • Mail a homemade post card

  • Leave a voicemail.

multiple sclerosis connection

Share your Hope Worksheet

Click here to download

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