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Five Steps to

your intuition

Using your "gut feeling" as a guide, especially when M.S. is constantly changing your abilities, is vital to creating a life you love. 

The Science

of Intuition

Science and research tell us this is a very real phycological process where the brain uses experiences and cues from the past to form decisions.

(Don't worry, even though we have MS, and our abilities can change suddenly, our subconcious know this, and will still guide us towards what our body needs.)

These decisions are meant to help you grow into the person you’re meant to be. And it all happens without us even being aware that it’s happening. 

Every person is born with this ability- not everyone chooses to use it Learning to listen to your subconscious mind takes time and trust in yourself. Here are the ways you fine-tune it.

The actions 

1-Tune into yourself

Your intuition can’t talk to you if you’re not listening. Take time away from electronics to be with your thoughts. Our intuition is always speaking to us, but if we are busy we won’t be able to hear it. Take time each day for mindfulness to get rid of the mental noise and connect with intuition.


2-Trust your gut

I bet you didn’t know emotion and intuition are linked with our gut. Scientifically linked. Our gut is lined with a network of over 100 million neurons, and that’s where our emotions are. This is why we get sick to our stomachs when we have to make tough decisions or when something “feels” dangerous before we ever consciously see what it is.


3-Feel or trust  the 'knowing'

Some people say they feel intuition with goosebumps, a racing heart, or shivers down the spine.

Others (this is me) describe it as just ‘knowing’. Your mind clears, you feel peace over fear, and you just know what to do.


4. Be aware of bad days

Research tells us, that intuition is blocked by anger, depression, and bad days. If you’re needing to call on your intuition, process these feelings first.


5. Surround yourself with good people

I sound like a mom here, but still, it’s the truth no matter who you tell it to. Learn to follow your feelings about people. Even if you can’t pinpoint why you’re feeling the way you do. Anyone who drains you also drains your ability to call on your inner power. (also, serioulsy we have so little energy to begin with, we don't need those kind of people taking more of it.) Be with people who enrich your life, make you laugh, and build you up.



Intuition is amazing

and can lead to powerful insights, but remember to still use common sense. It’s when the “gut” and “mind” (intuition and logic) find balance, you’re in the best position to make the most positive choices for you.

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