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Teaching individuals how to live a life of hope and purpose while navigating chronic illness.

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I'm Leisa

Author Leisa Wallace

In 2019, my world shifted dramatically when I received a diagnosis of aggressive onset multiple sclerosis. Within a mere 24 hours, my life was completely transformed. Suddenly unable to walk, talk, and move as I once did, I found myself confronted by the stark reality of navigating a chronic illness. It was during this time that I personally experienced the profound scarcity of resources available for crafting a hopeful, purposeful life while managing the challenges of a sudden and aggressive illness.


Determined to make a difference, I delved into extensive research and discovered pathways to live a life filled with hope, passion, and purpose despite the adversities of chronic illness.

My commitment is to support individuals navigating similar challenges, empowering them to discover hope amidst hardship and to reframe their struggles into a purposeful journey. Even when circumstances feel beyond our control, I firmly believe that we possess the ability to shape our narratives of resilience and success.

Join me as we embark on this transformative journey together. Let's uncover strength in adversity, seek hope in hardship, and collaboratively fashion a narrative of resilience and purpose that not only inspires but empowers those battling chronic illness.

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Author Leisa Wallace

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