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Real, Raw and Rising. Anecdote 6

Hehehe. That picture of me is frightening but don’t you worry, things will be fine...eventually.

Long story short/ish

New MS infusion meds lowered my immune system (Friday) (which is what they’re supposed to do.

BUT I have teeth that were already compromised and as soon as my immune system was suppressed they "exploded" with infection. Causing unbearable pain. (Sunday-Wednesday)

So I went to the endodontist and he proceeded to give me 2 root canals in the space of 5 hours and said there was "infection pouring out" (Wednesday)

Antibiotics were given BUT the next day my face was swelling exponentially and my cheeks were so painful. But my teeth didn’t hurt anymore. ( gotta think positive, right))

So I went to the ER (Thursday night)

Doc did a cat scan. He said I had several pockets of infection measuring a 3 ( I don't really know what that means) but he can't drain them until they're a 5. So he told me to keep taking my oral antibiotics and then come back tomorrow to have him check if they're decreasing or not. He said he didn’t want to do IV antibiotics.

Then this a morning (Friday) I woke up looking like a balloon face. So I went back into the ER and saw a different doc. He immediately started me on IV antibiotics and drained some infection (sooo painful). He called the endodontist and they both said I need to be on IV infusions 3 times a day for the next 5 days. Which I can do at the infusion center here in vernal.

I don’t really need anything maybe just prayers, Wally is with me and my mom is driving out tonight to help as well.

Love you all and feel such gratitude at your kindness and concern for my little family. You have no idea how much I feel your prayers and love. It’s been pretty cool on my end to feel so close to heaven and I know it’s because of my friends prayers. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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