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Karen Marshall

I had two young kids and was working as a Registered Nurse in acute care when I was diagnosed with MS. It completely devastated me. It was one of my worst nightmares coming true. I had witnessed how MS had greatly impacted the life of my mom and now it was happening to me. The doctor told me I’d learn to live with it, and I should probably get a new job. He prescribed medications but had nothing else to offer me.

I cried a lot. I didn’t want to get out of bed and lost interest in the things I had once loved. My husband and friends were incredibly supportive, but I needed more help than they could give.

One day, I made an appointment with a psychologist. It was life-changing. She taught me to focus on the now instead of the worst-case scenario and gave me the tools to cope with the anxiety and other emotions that having MS brought to me.

With the nudge of a friend I also dove headfirst into my own research on how to manage my M.S. I found bloggers and instagrammers who taught me about nutrition and lifestyle changes in managing MS. I read the Wahls Protocol’ and began to clean up my diet. It drastically improved my health and made me want to work with others struggling with autoimmune diseases.

I went back to school and became certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I started Connect the Dots to Wellness to teach that you don’t have to just “learn to live with it. There are many things, within your control, that can quickly improve your health.

Now I am a health coach, a Nutritional Therapist, a Registered Nurse, an MS Warrior and I’m here to help.



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