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Real, Raw and Rising Anecdote 3

Am I okay? Isn't that a loaded question. It's been two months. Two months and I still can't feel my legs. I wake up with awful headaches. I get so tired just accomplishing the ordinary that I need to nap everyday.

But the truth is, I am okay. I'm doing my best to figure out this new normal. I think I'm doing all right at it. I'm not running marathons or even running down the driveway. But I'm walking around the house without a walker and driving to nearby stores and of course the library. I'm not super stable yet, but I'm okay.


It was father's day on Sunday. My husband took me to the city. He had a training and my kids played at cousins while I relaxed at my moms house and went for another MRI.

But father's day had me thinking about my cute farmboy. He slept on the floor when I was in the hospital because he didn't want to leave me. He has picked up all the pieces around here. He's my everything. My best friend and love.

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