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Stories of Michael in cursive

Discover the Extraordinary Life of Michael Reading: Tales of Unyielding Courage, Boundless Love, and the Heroes Among Us. 

Join Michael's unforgettable journey in this tale of bravery, friendship, and the indomitable spirit of a young titan.

"Firefighter Michael & The Titans Last Bell" is more than a story; it's an homage to resilience, the strength of human bonds, and the enduring power of love. It unveils the hero within us all and leaves you with the profound belief that even in our darkest hours, there are heroes among us, lighting up the world with their unwavering courage.

Preface Michael Stark Reading was a titan. A brilliant, kind, gentle, resilient and loving child, he astounded all he met. And although just 4.5 years old, he endured more than most could imagine in a lifetime. Michael was born with a rare and life-threatening genetic condition known as Neonatal Marfans affecting all the connective tissue in his body. In his 4.5 years of life, he survived three open-heart surgeries, eye surgery, leg surgery, and multiple ER visits and ICU hospitalizations. Despite the immense physical struggles he endured, Michael's life was a symphony of laughter and miracles. But on September 10, 2023, following a sudden and rapid decline of his heart, Michael’s heart beat for the last time. Although Michael’s time was short, there were special heroes who made his life magical. Some of those special heroes were the firefighters. This is that magical story. In his memory, we extend our love to you all.

Firefighter Michael and the Titans Last Bell
Michael Rhymes all the Time

Join Michael as he discovers the art of rhyming. From "bonk and tonk" to "haha and voila" Michael's original compositions will leave you feeling loved and inspired.

Michael was born with a rare life-threatening genetic condition called Neonatal Marfans (a separate entity from traditional marfans) which weakens all connective tissue in his body, most notably the heart, lungs, eyes, blood vessels, bones and joints.

At thirty months he'd already had three open-heart surgeries, lens removal surgery, hernia surgery, and has a team of 21 specialists. Newly discovered heart-valve failure indicates the need for a fourth open-heart surgery.

Even with all his physical struggles, Michael lives a life full of laughter and miracles.

When Michael was only eighteen months his mom, Emily, (my little sister) posted about his new found love of rhyming--not just repeating rhymes he'd heard, but formulating original compositions--I knew the rhymes needed to be put into a children's book for him.

A few hours later, Michael Rhymes all the Time, was formed.

We hope you enjoy this true story!

Made with love by his

Auntie Lulu.

AKA, Leisa Wallace

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