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Stuck Like a Duck, Bonk what a Tonk and Te Amo, Daddy.

Journal Entry by Reading Fam — January 24, 2021

Beautiful Friends,

Greetings.  I am happy to report that Michael is doing GREAT.   He’s getting stronger. His sentences are longer. And his rhyming is azonger. Okay, zonger isn’t actually a word.  But it fits with some of the amazing rhymes Michael has been making up. 

Art of Rhyming

The past week Michael has acquired the art of rhyming.  By himself.  Not just repeating sentences he’s heard us say. But formulating original compilations of words. And sometimes creating his own words.   For example:

  • He bumped his head on the bed and looked up and said, “Bonk! What a Tonk!”  I could not stop laughing.  He’s never heard this phrase or that word before. 

  • He was cruising along the window and got stuck between the wall and the chair and exclaimed, “I’m stuck like a duck!”  I was laughing so hard I almost forgot to help him get unstuck. Michael was laughing too. He knew he had created a fun phrase. 

  • Rob was taking off his jammies and said, “We’re taking off your onesie.”  Michael got a glimmer in his eyes and giggled out, “Onsie! Donsie!”  Another word he created. So fun.

To name a few.  Then the other night he looked at his dad and said, “I like rhyming.”   


Michael’s unique ability to communicate is such a gift to us.  We’re so grateful we’re able to experience so much of his fun personality through his words. We see this as one the the GREATEST GIFTS God has given us.  And it is a beautiful gift. 

God is good.

It’s a cute trait about Michael that he loves a good turn of phrase. If he hears a fun alliteration,  a create word, or a good rhyme, the kid lights up.  Like, “Voila!” Or “Capiche.”  He giggles so hard. And so do we.


A few other notable quotables:

  • Grabbing my stethoscope and putting it on his chest he says, “Listen to heart. Aortic valve. Pulmonic valve. Tricuspid valve...mitral valve!”  He can even get the location of the valves right most of the time. (See video below)

  • “The allosaurus is driving the dump truck.”  Oh. Very interesting.

  • Pointing to different parts of his toy truck he points out, “The hydraulic ram!”  I learn something new every day from this kiddo.

  • While trying to crawl over the back of the sofa, but being apprehended, Michael exclaimed, “How do I get out of here?!”  Sometimes we all just want our freedom. 

  • While crying so hard, I held up a book for him to read, but through his tears he gently pushed it aside and said, “No thank you.  No thank you.”  So polite.  Even in distress. 

  • “Count by count by 20s please!  0, 20, 40, 80!”  He loves numbers. Counting by 20s with his Dad is his new jam.

  • Waking up and saying first thing, “Let’s count the windows. One window.  Two windows. Three windows.  Let’s count lights.  One light. Two lights.  Three lights, ten lights!”   He also consistently thanks God for lights and windows.  Grateful soul. 

  • And all in one go, reciting this Dr. Suess story without stopping and without help:  “I was happy young. Lived in Valley of Vung.  Nothing went wrong. Walking along. Sock what a shock.  Hit my toe on a very hard rock. Went for sail. Hit my main bone tip of my tail. I never had troubles before. Said to myself I don’t want anymore!” (Video below)

  • Michel recites the ABCs.  (Video below)

  • “Michael, mommy, daddy an eternal family.”  Out of the mouth of babes.

  • “Te amo, Daddy!  Te Amo, Mommy!”  (Translation from Spanish = “I love you, Daddy.  I love you, Mommy?”)  Now if this doesn’t melt your heart…

Michael Rhymes all the Time
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