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Storm Clouds
The Mir Chronicles Trilogy: rules, resist, rise

Hiding in the safety of the rules allows her

to survive.

But she must break them all in order

to live.

Black Washed Wall
Rules: Book One of the Mir Chronicles

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Crystalized into six stones is the programming scientists used to build the planet Mir. Those same stones genetically altered the scientists, giving them kinetic power over the elements. We call these stones, Seraphysts and the people changed by them Kinetix.

This is the children's rhymes that teaches this story.


The Mir Chronicles

Embrace the Power Within,

Defy the Tyranny Beyond,

and Unravel the Secrets of

The Mir Chronicles


Subscribers will also recieve a short story from The Mir Chronicles- RECRUIT.


Fiction Books in Progress

Kinetix- books in progress
Hope is an action
Black Washed Wall

About the author

Author Leisa Wallace

Leisa loves telling stories, and has spent the last ten years honing her craft as an author-entrepreneur. Her first young adult trilogy "The Mir Chronicles," launched her career with raving reviews. Her latest book was written for her nephew who was born with a life-threatening medical condition called neonatal marfans."Michael Rhymes all the Time," and made it on Amazon's best Seller list.


After being diagnosed with aggressive onset multiple sclerosis, Leisa has made it her mission to show how to find HOPE, while battling trials outside your control. You can find her stories on instagram @project_ms_blessed or on her website

But the majority of the time, she's enjoying life with her two cats, two dogs, two goats, two children and one husband. 

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