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Real, Raw and Rising

I believe in heavens help. And as I was struggling to understand how I was going to heal, my papa gave me a priesthood blessing. He told me “my friends faith will help me. That my friends and ward (church) members faith in my behalf will help strengthen me.”

So after 2 ER visits, being admitted to the U for several days, and lots of unknowns coming up. I came home to my papas revelation on my behalf, fulfilled. 😇 😭 🙏.

The words “thank you” will never be enough to express my true gratitude. But it’s the only words I have, so Thank You friends for following inspired thoughts. For working hours to complete a project that will forever help me and lifted a huge weight of Wally’s shoulders.!For being excellent craftsmen/women and decorators. And my angels!! I love you all.


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