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Real, Raw and Rising

Hello friends.

A little update. I’m improving slowly. I started both physical therapy and EMDR (counseling) therapy and between the two, I’m gaining a lot more understanding. The docs aren’t entirely sure what is going on. My MRI “looks better than the last one. And there are no active lesions.” But my central nervous system is freaking out for some reason

The more I try to do, or say, the worse I get with the stuttering and tremors. So both therapist are helping me “find my Zen.” When I can keep myself calm, I do so much better. When I get anxious, excited, over tired, frustrated, overly happy, I turn into a shaking/ stuttering mess.

As discouraging at that sometimes feels, I count myself so very lucky in so many ways. In a time of worldly distancing, friends and neighbors have surrounded me with service, love, food, texts, prayers and positivity. And I’m so grateful.

My immediate family and in-laws have shown amazing concern and love.

And my husband and kids are the most amazing people living on the planet.

So, while I’m still adjusting to whatever is happening inside my central nervous system, I see miracles and community and love all around me. It’s a glimpse of heaven. 😇


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