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Bill Powell

When I was diagnosed 32 years ago, the first thing my neurologist said was I might want to get a desk job. But UPS was the first job I had ever had with benefits, and I did not want to give that up.

So, I worked for UPS for 30 years while treating my MS. Sometimes I struggled to get through the day. I had foot drop and would often fall. I fought with them to stop the forced overtime. And even though the last three years were pretty tough. I had to do it. I had to provide for myself and my family.

It is after I retired that I found Disability Trainer Dom Thorpe and the MS Warrior Program. Over the years, I did physical therapy, and of course, while I was actively doing it, I got better, and as soon as I finished, I would go right back to where I was. But the way Dom presented his training really spoke to me.

As I followed him, my quality of life started to improve. My gate is better, and I am more agile than I have been in years. I have lost sixty pounds. I learned the worst thing I can do, is sit around and say, "oh, I don't feel up to it." I have got to push myself, and I have got to do more each time.

It has made it so I can start paddling again. And I am working on being able to hike. Finding a program that worked for me is the biggest thing that has helped me with my MS. I wish I had discovered it years ago.

If the last 32 years with MS have taught me anything. I have learned that every day is a gift. Take it a day at a time, and do not stop.


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