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Seeking Solace in cursive font- Chronic Illiness help

Calling on the influence of a higher power to increase self esteem, optimism and life satisfaction.

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Prayer can be an invaluable tool to increase hope for those living with uncontrollable hardships. Prayer helps to affirm our belief that we are not alone, and that there is a loving presence that will help us through difficult times. Through prayer, we can gain a sense of peace and comfort, which can help us to reduce stress and worry. Prayer can help to remind us of our strength and courage, and help us to find new ways to cope with the challenges of living with uncertainty. Prayer can help us to have faith in the future, and to feel hope for a better tomorrow. By praying for strength, courage, and peace, we can find solace and hope to carry us through difficult times.

Quotes and M.S.
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Research tell us three types of prayer increase overall life satisfaction no matter our physical circumstances.

Adoration are prayers focused on the worship of God, paying honor and worship, without any reference to circumstances, needs, or desires

Reception With prayers of reception, “one more passively awaits divine wisdom, understanding, or guidance”

Thanksgiving are expressions of gratitude towards God, made in reference to specific positive life experiences.

To do

  • Find a comfortable place to speak to a higher power.

  • Do you want to ask a question, or just pour out your soul to a source that offers no judgement, only love.

  • Listen. let your mind wander, be ready to write down inspiration that comes.

Prayer and multiple sclerosis-Worksheet

Prayer Worksheet

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